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Providing Drivers a Strong Defense Against DUIs

It only takes a small amount of alcohol for a driver to face a DUI. In Kentucky, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .08% is considered to be legally intoxicated. Depending on the severity of the charges, a first-time offense could lead to fines, a suspended license, and jail time. Additionally, a DUI conviction will cause your car insurance premiums to skyrocket.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, the most important step to take is to contact a lawyer immediately. At the Law Office of B.J. Early, we provide an aggressive defense against DUIs. Our attorney has extensive experience defending drivers throughout Hancock County. We will work closely with you throughout the legal process to develop a DUI defense that protects your best interests.

Analyzing All DUI Cases

The best way to defend against a DUI is to have a thorough understanding of the details of the incident. Our attorney will take the necessary actions to investigate your case and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your case, including:

  • Outlining what occurred

  • Evaluating the citation you received

  • Analyzing the details of the roadside sobriety test

  • Reviewing the elements of the statute

Based on these details, we develop defense strategies focused on helping you reach your goals. Our firm is committed to helping you resolve the issue efficiently while ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

We’re Prepared to Fight for You

Our firm is committed to helping you secure a favorable outcome that allows you to move beyond a DUI charge. In many circumstances, the best course of action is to fight a DUI in court. For over 15 years, our attorney has resolved more than 3,000 cases. We understand what judges look for in DUI cases and will work closely with you to establish a strong case for your defense here in the Owensboro area.

Don’t Face a DUI Alone

A DUI can be a frightening experience, but you can overcome these charges. Call our Hawesville office today to schedule a free consultation by contacting our attorney.